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Company Presentation

The ECOEE - Expertise, Consulting and Ordination in Efficient Energy ( was founded in September 2007 with the purpose to act as strategic and business consulting in the energy sector, focusing on business management and technology.

Led by Mr. Cyro Vicente Boccuzzi, the Company has extensive international experience in management and assistance to build successful enterprises. It has a team of associate consultants and strategic partnerships to cover areas where it does not operates directly. In the interest of the best results, define strategy for each individual case, with the possibility of introducing new technologies in applications where there is value creation and effective use of synergies with other client operations.

This approach is consistent with the technological leadership and credibility of ECOEE to the market, allowing to explore opportunities in different areas. In particular, it is noteworthy public recognition of FINEP, in December 2009, included it among the companies honored with his financial support, through the Prime Program - First Innovative Company.

Specialization: technology

In its role as consulting on business development and technology innovation, ECOEE understands “HOW" technology can encourage the management of energy business of its client.

For this reason, ECOEE acts in favor of the two major interested public in technological development. By its expertise in business operations and energy, ECOEE identifies the demands in energy companies that are potential users of new technologies and seek the benefits of their deployment. Moreover, by its knowledge and relationships with other innovative companies, ECOEE acts as a partner and consultant with companies holding innovative technological solutions and emerging technologies, assisting them in placing their products on the market.

ECOEE’s philosophy is to act only with realistic and implementable solutions. Its proposal is to accompany its clients to the final implementation of its recommendations.

Specialization: business management

ECOEE's expertise is also quite strong in the development and operation of energy enterprises, covering the entire cycle of business administration in this area, including:

  • Regulatory and contracts’ management;
  • Asset management, labor and logistics;
  • Revenue management and losses reduction;
  • Management of safety, health and environment;
  • Audit, diligence and business valuation;
  • Development of partnerships, including international ones.


With extensive experience, ECOEE’s professionals  have knowledge of any recent history of the Brazilian electricity sector, having served in key moments as the privatization of enterprises, development of concession agreements, structure of organs such as the National Electric Energy Agency (Aneel ) and the Independent System Operator (ONS), development of the free market, the R & D and energy efficiency rules, National Rationing Program (2001/2002), creation of the new sector model and Research Company (EPE), energy auctions and new developments, review processes pricing and monitoring, as well as the current models of the benchmark and Prodist (Distribution Procedures).

The introduction of new technologies in infrastructure companies is especially attractive for companies working with innovation, as it offers the possibility of having scale and experimental curve consistent with business development and accelerate the penetration of these innovative products to market.

However, for companies or institutions involved with more complex organizational structures and functionally specialized, usually the decision-making processes are also more complex, often involving several departments, tests and negotiations, in a longer working cycle and requiring more technical and commercial efforts.

Thus, the introduction of technology is complex and requires investment, demanding deep knowledge on product, regarding application, competition and alternative technologies.

For that reason, ECOEE seeks to add value to the technical process, as neutral consultancy that also acts to links technology providers and end users. Its proposal is to seek a favorable resolution of applications based on financial and economic modeling, using value creation approach, not merely technological.

In addition, ECOEE has a long term commitment with the market and this must be reflected in the performance and deliverance of its solutions. By involving usually longer working cycles in complex decision making processes or bids, adequate planning is fundamental to antecipate details of the activities, goals and budgets involved in the market development activities. In this sense, ECOE offers experience and excellence in his role as a consultant or strategic business partner, it provides:

  • Knowledge and experience in business and energy market;
  • Knowledge of legislation and regulation;
  • Knowledge of available funding sources and agencies;
  • Excellent network of contacts and transit in the energy sector and investors;
  • Technical competence, leadership, ethics and transparency;
  • First level team, including professionals involved;
  • Strategic partnerships with other specialized consultants, universities, research centers, third sector entities and national and international associations;
  • Sales arguments based on cost / benefit modeling with opportunities for each client;
  • Formal and administrative structure and site;
  • Limited number of strategic partners;
  • Experience in preparing detailed business plan, including the market approach and sales targets.


ECOEE targets the following counterparts with its clients and strategic partners:

  • Contracts for technical and commercial partnership to ensure appropriate consistency to sales cycles and ensure preservation of ethical conduct and image of ECOEE to the market;
  • Territory or customer base exclusivity;
  • Opportunity for in-depth knowledge of the product for technical and commercial aspects;
  • Partner engagement on an equivalent level, through the work plan being prepared by ECOEE and approved by mutual agreement. The goal is to share risks, responsibilities to align and ensure longevity in the relationship with partners.


ECOEE philosophy is to have its customers as partners. The Company can work under many arrangements, depending on the level of sophistication of the product, risks and costs shared by both parties, technological and market maturity and overall costs of implementing the business plan to the final customer.

Within a broad spectrum of possibilities, the company's activities can range from direct participation in business, with the taking of risks with partners and / or customers, or the provision of consulting services.


Cyro Vicente Boccuzzi is the founder and chief executive ECOEE. With almost 30 years of experience in the energy sector, Cyro has served for over 25 years in AES Eletropaulo. During this period, he assumed responsibilities in the technical, operational, administrative and commercial areas, reaching the rank of Vice-President for seven years. Subsequently, between 2008 and 2009, was Executive Director of consultancy Andrade & Canellas.

Cyro was also a member of the board of several companies and entities such as the AES Sul and AES Tiete and the Institute for Electrical Energy and the University of São Paulo (IEE / USP). He is currently Vice President of Strategic Energy Committee of AMCHAM - Sao Paulo and President of the Latin American Smart Grid Forum.

Since its inception, the ECOEE has been leading the discussion, dissemination and facilitation of intelligent energy networks - smart grids - in Latin America. In this process, it is responsible for pioneering organization of international congress and exhibition on the topic, For 2010, is planned the third edition of The Latin American Smart Grid Forum Congress and Exhibition. The objective of the forum is to monitor global technological progress in the area of smart grid and joint actions for the implementation of these technologies in Latin America. This coordination involves the mobilization of solution providers, energy companies, agents, regulatory and government policy, financial agents, representatives from scientific and academic community, consumers and society in general.