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ECOee - Expertise, Consultancy and Planning in Efficient Energy

ECO Engenharia e Energia Ltda, fantasy name and registered trademark ECOee, is a strategic and business consulting company in the energy area, created in 2007, focused on solutions and energy management through the use of best practices, regulatory intelligence and application of technology.

The energy sector is undergoing an intense and unprecedented transformation. Environmental issues and the mitigation of global warming are at the top of the list of priorities for governments, companies and society in general. Natural resources are becoming increasingly scarce. The future brings the threat that there may not be enough energy to go around.

ECOee is the pioneering protagonist of intelligent and advanced energy systems in Brazil and Latin America.

The pioneer spirit, technological leadership, credibility and recognition of ECOee´s expertise in the energy market, which has allowed it to explore and support various initiatives to transform the energy sector for the benefit of society. In this regard, it is worth highlighting the public recognition of Finep which, in December 2009, included it among the companies awarded financial support through the Prime Program – First Innovative Company.

In order to share its experience and knowledge in a wide international network, ECOee structured and organized the Latin American Smart Grid Forum, which aims to put into practice and accelerate the introduction of new technologies and innovations in energy, in a sustainable way, in the countries of Latin America. Since its inception, the Forum has held an Annual International Conference every year, which is already part of the world´s itinerary of important conferences in the field of energy technology.

Visit the Smart Grid Fórum .


Vision – our belief and contribution

Transforming electricity and energy services in Brazil and in neighboring countries is ECOee´s most relevant contribution, through the execution of a great work that will provide comfort, safety and cost reduction, benefiting all of society.



Improving energy businesses and services by employing best practices, technologies, innovation, contract intelligence and regulatory knowledge to deliver greater efficiency and profitability to energy businesses while reducing costs in society´s end-use energy , focusing on management, technology, regulation and sustainability.



Working with passion and diligence to offer the best efficiency in the end use of energy by society.
Improve energy services by employing technologies, innovation, contract intelligence and knowledge and proposals for regulatory improvements relevant to each application.
Translate efficiency through reliability, safety, environmental and social impact, and cost-benefit effectiveness of each energy solution designed.